Let’s Launch Together

Alsop Group is focused on technology strategy and management for product development.

Qualified Staff

Our consultants are highly experienced and include MBA and PMP certified professionals

Development & Design

We have experience designing everything from websites to mobile and SaaS applications

Strategy & Management

Our staff has held key senior roles in Fortune 50 companies as well as co-founding roles in startups


Technology Solutions & Services

Alsop Group is focused on delivering technology strategy, product management, and innovation design.  With over twenty years of experience in the technology sector, our team has worked with both Fortune 50 and startups to bring strategy to execution and ideas to delivery.

From Big to Small

Alsop Group has worked on managing multi-million dollar capital budgets and projects to working at the very beginning of startups.


What We Offer

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Ideation Development

Using leading processes such as the Business Model and Value Proposition canvas.

Technology Strategy

Business Management Consulting to develop technology strategy for your product and solutions.

Product Design

From idea, to pixels. to user stories, to product management with development teams to deliver on.


Our Approach to Product

We are huge proponents of both Human Centered Design theories, Customer Development, and Lean Startup methodologies.  That means understaninding your customers, the pains/gains your product delivers, how your business model works, and then designing product, technology, and strategy to best deliver value to your customer segments.

We have experience using tools and processes found in MBA types of processes, waterfall project management, and agile product management.

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a fantastic tool and process to test assumptions and create a common language in your organization.

Value Proposition Design

It all starts with your customer.  The Value Proposition Design process expands on the Business Model Canvas and focuses on your customer segments and understanding the pains and gains that become opportunities for your product.

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Our Services

Alsop Group is focused on technology management and product design.